Escape game Treasure Island

Company: Burgas Escape Rooms


8000 Burgas, Kont Androvanti st., 2A, 2nd floor ()

+359 88 717 3456

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Your dream came true! Just like a real pirate you are now on the treasure island! Unfortunately, the fairy tales didn't tell that there is no food and no drinking water on the island. Anyway, it would be fine, if your boats paddles were not broken.
It's already the 10th day you've finished all provision you brought with you. Good thing you're tough enough to keep searching, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to find captain Silver's diary. Did he manage to get out of this island? Good question. Will you find out what's in the huge treasure chest on this island? What are you going to do without the paddles to survive? The answers are all around you, but hurry up - you only have one hour to deal with the situation!

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