Escape game Medieval Dungeon

Company: Burgas Escape Rooms


8000 Burgas, Kont Androvanti st., 2A, 2nd floor ()

+359 88 717 3456

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You didn't even have a chance to say a word - they threw you down into the dungeon by the guards.
Your eyes adjusted to the darkness, but unfortunately, you wish they didn't - the first thing you saw was the dead body of the guy who was thrown here not long ago.
'You have one hour!' said the scary voice behind your back.
The scariest thing is that you don't remember anything.
Are you guilty or is it an unfortunate coincidence?
Is black magic involved in all this or not?
Can the dead neighbor help you?
How are you going to escape?
You have an hour to find out.
Find the answers.
Or stay here.

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