Escape game Monte-Cristo's Cell

Company: Burgas Escape Rooms


8000 Burgas, Kont Androvanti st., 2A, 2nd floor ()

+359 88 717 3456

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My name is Monte-Cristo, I'm the prisoner of impregnable Château d'If. I spent many years in this scary prison, in my single camera. Here I've made a plan for my daring escape from the jail surrownded by the deap waters of the Mediterranean sea.
I solved all the mysteries and secrets of my friends and enemies, made it out of the prison and found the great treasures of Abbé Faria.
Hey you, random travellers! Now it is your turn to solve the riddles and escape the scary cell of Monte-Cristo. You only have one hour to make it out of here.
Hurry up!

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