Escape game Lost World

Company: Burgas Escape Rooms


8000 Burgas, Kont Androvanti st., 2A, 2nd floor ()

+359 88 717 3456

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The Lost World - this is astonishing land with enormous dinosaurs and pterodactyls, metal toads and water turtles.
Only the chosen ones can get into the Lost World, but only the most courageous will be able to leave it.
Here you are required to have patience, sharp eye, accurate hands, knowledge of mathematics, and the talent of seeing through the mysterious signs.
Many secrets and mysteries are hidden in this place.
Entire team can be heard by the whole Universe!
And the most important – be one and united, only together you will be able to overcome the traps and obstacles.
Are you ready to take this risk?
One for all, and all for one!

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