Escape game Bank Robbery

Company: Burgas Escape Rooms


8000 Burgas, Kont Androvanti st., 2A, 2nd floor ()

+359 88 717 3456

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Oh yes! It's beautiful here: money, gold, silver - wealth is never overrated! Huge diamonds: nobody can resist that…
You like it too? Naturally…
You've got to get out of here as soon as possible: in one hour the security guards will finish their changeover, and they will get here!
This bank obviously has the best and smartest security in the world!
You can only get out of here if your team has genious minds, awesome hearing abilities, sensitive hands, and ability to think fast how to use it! Are you ready?
Oh, btw… o_O How do you know how much gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds are there?

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