Escape game Einstein’s Study

Company: Real Escape


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Gravitational waves – their detection opened an unprecedented new window onto the cosmos and changed the way we look at the surrounding world and our understanding of the universe. Everything started in distant 1916 when Einstein predicted their existence and described them in his theory of general relativity. But what if that had never happened? Or even worse – what will happen if the important information gets into the wrong hands?
Gravity wave, changing time and space, will bring you and your friends 100 years back in time straight into Einstein’s study. Your main task is to find the file with Einstein’s unpublished papers before a developed alien civilization reaches the desirable information.
You have got 60 minutes to find your way out of a locked room, deal with the puzzles left by the genius and save the history of mankind. All you need to succeed is critical thinking, logic, creative problem solving and team work.

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