Escape game The Dream of the Colorblind

Company: Escape Room Varna


27 Dragoman Street 9000 Varna ()

0882905711; 0888708096

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Odan - the owner of a financial empire with unlimited possibilities. For him there are no unattainable goals and unrealized dreams, except one - to enjoy the beauty of the world, all the colorful things that are for him in black and white. The strange bird spends a lot of time asleep. Why? There's something that keeps him there! On 01.06.2014 he goes to bed at his usual time. A year later he continues to sleep and dream. Your goal is to go straight into his mind, get out of there, and wake him up, because there is already a cure for him. The colorful world awaits him.
Do you think you can handle it?

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