Escape game The MaTRICK

Company: 3KEY Rooms


Vasil Levski 102 1527 Sofia ()

+359 876 33 82 35

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Open your eyes. The world is limiting your mind. Think of it. For the crowd, that gives you answers instead of questions. For the traffic, that sets your direction. For the technologies, that encodes your relationships. Your mind is a prisoner of an invisible system that controls you. Enter into The MaTRICK Room. Defeat the system. Unlock your mind. You have 60 min.

Author’s riddles from new generation. Visual precision. Story that will open your mind for puzzles and tricky interpretations. Wake up. YOU are the Chosen one!

The game does not require mathematical, coding or other skills in specific fields of knowledge. It is not necessary to have watched “THE MATRIX” movie, but it will enrich your experience.

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